Congressional App Challenge


Charlotte Larason, Journalist

The Congressional App Challenge is an annual competition hosted by the House of Representatives of the United States to promote computer science (programming) in schools.

The challenge is open to middle and high school students in participating congressional districts. Students can either enter the competition alone or as a team. Students do not need to go to the same school to be in a team together, they just need to be in the same district.

The challenge is grouped in districts and there is a winning app from each congressional district. Students need to code and submit their app, then one winning app is chosen from each district in the state.

On February 5th, 12 Shadow Ridge students were invited to the Congressional App Challenge Award Ceremony. Jacob Mann (freshmen at Shadow Ridge) along with his team, Brandon Bird and Travis Leavitt, were named as the winners of the challenge for Nevada’s 4th District by Representative Steven Horsford.

“I felt a sense of accomplishment when myself and my team won the challenge. As I have been programming since second grade seeing that all my hard work paid off,” Mann said.

Their app, Continuum, is an app that inspires users to learn and grow through challenges and rewards them with pets and skins. Mann says that his team started working on their app in about August of 2021, but a couple of weeks in they restarted because they did not make it how they wanted it to be. They remade the app and made it look better.

Mann first got interested in programming in elementary school when he used a programming website called Scratch. This blossomed his interest in computer science.

Mann says, “After doing programming/computer science for more than five years, I definitely plan on perusing programming/computer science¬† as a career.”

Mann and his team will represent Nevada in a virtual ceremony in Washington DC in April.

Here is the video of the winning app, Continuum.