Levi Ackerman teaching at Shadow Ridge?


Photo By: Aron Bihasa

New teacher to the Shadow Ridge roster, Mr. Santiago.

Aron Bihasa, Journalist

Shadow’s newest teacher, Inas Santiago, is now teaching 9th and 11th grade English classes at the Ridge. He was in the military for 5 years as an infantry, where he was in charge of teaching the younger soldiers. Santiago decided to leave the military and go to college to continue his passion for teaching. He started to take college classes at CSN then transferred to UNLV to finish his degree.

“I completed 4 years of college to become an English teacher,” Santiago said. “But I plan on teaching for a bit then striving for a higher goal, like becoming the Secretary of Education.”

He chose to teach in high school because he doesn’t care for younger kids and the older students are more mature. Santiago had a brother who attended Shadow Ridge and used to live in the area which encouraged him to take the job at Shadow. He also believes that the school has great teachers and programs, which helped his decision.

Santiago likes to read, watch anime, and go thrifting. He has also learned the martial art, Muay Thai, as a hobby. Santiago spends a lot of his time with his pet pit-bull, Lily. He enjoys going to the park with her where she plays with her favorite orange ball. 

Santiago has accomplished a lot of interesting things, like speaking about climate change at assembly meetings and meeting U.S. Senator, Elizbeth Warren. 

Santiago ready for duty. (Photo By: Aron Bihasa)

Junior, Makoto Brown, is taking English 11 in Santiago’s class and really enjoys it. He’s thrilled that Santiago was the one to take over the English 9 and 11 classes. Brown finds the class to be really chill and says that Santiago isn’t really strict. Santiago is also very relatable with the students, disliking some of the work that teachers taught him in the past, so he decided to not force that type of work upon his own students. 

“Mr. Santiago honestly doesn’t give off a teacher vibe at times,” Brown said. “He’s a pretty chill guy but his way of teaching is still effective for the school’s learning environment.”

Santiago has been teaching at Shadow Ridge for 2 weeks and thinks that the experience is pretty great. His work isn’t all that tough and he is laid back. He was one of the talkative students back in his days and he even hated school. That’s why he decided to join teaching and make the learning experience more fun. Santiago’s attitude makes him popular with the students and he is very relatable. 

Santiago said, “[The best part of the day is] right after the period ends, I get to walk right out the doors to freedom.”

He kind of looks like Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan.”

— Makoto Brown