Justice for Three Day Weekends

A student exhausted from the busy five day school week.

Photo Courtesy of: Google Images

A student exhausted from the busy five day school week.

Aron Bihasa, Journalist

In America, students have to attend school five days each week. School sessions last typically around 6 hours per day. Within those days at school, students are also given work to do which is either done at school, or they are given homework to do at home. School starts pretty early in the mornings, so students have to set up a schedule on how they are planning to wake up and get ready for school. Within the week, students get two days off of school to do whatever they please and feel like doing. Some students believe that having two days off of school is not enough and they require more breaks.

A young student enjoying time away from the school setting. Photo Courtesy of: Google Images

Junior Jack Rushford is a student who believes that school is taking up too much time in his life and wishes he could use more of his time to take breaks and hang out with his friends. He’s usually busy at home doing his homework and stresses out about how much work he gets and when the assignments are due. He finds it hard to keep up with seven periods each day, and having to learn many different subjects for each of the classes.

Waking up early also makes me tend to fall asleep during class sometimes because I don’t get enough sleep and I don’t get to wake up when my body feels like it.”

— Vhea Velayo

“School is pretty tough when you don’t know how to balance your homework, studying time, and just living your life,” Rushford said. “I find myself not being able to spend much of my time doing what I want to do like playing video games or hanging out with my friends.”

Junior Vhea Velayo also believes that having more time off of school would improve her schedule and make her learning experience more efficient. She’s a hard worker and takes school really seriously. She also finds waking up very early five times a week just to get ready for school a huge mood killer; she’s sad to get up in the mornings.

“We already need to deal with seven classes,” Velayo said. “Also having to wake up early is annoying even though we get to leave early, we still have to go on about our day tired regardless of how much sleep we get.”

The teachers also have it pretty hard when it comes to balancing grading work for many classes, teaching the class, and spending time with their families. Teachers sometimes have to go home and start grading the work of their students straight away due to how many students they are assigned to teach. Having a three-day weekend may be a huge benefit for both students and teachers.