School Struggles

Camryn Watkins, Entertainment Editor

The 2020-2021 school year started for CCSD students August 24th. This year is playing out much differently than any year in the past since all students started virtually and had to quickly adapt to the Canvas Learning Management System.

“Well, it’s not that things have been better, that’s for sure,” added in junior Jade Hollman, “It just feels like everything happening all at once, and with no breaks.”

One thing students of all ages need are social interactions and connections. During this year, quarantine and distance/online learning make this hard for kids, no matter their age. It’s important for kids to form these connections in order for them to develop certain skills later in their lives. Before this year, schooling was done in person, and students had plenty of opportunities to be with people. This year, everything is done behind a screen, leaving many students off on their own.

“The year has been pleasant so far, but it’s been stressful at the same time. I am doing slightly better academically this year when compared to last year, but it feels like the workload is huge,” stated Alex Galvez, another junior.

For some people, being around people and talking to them, keeps them going. Life is hard for a lot of people, and just being able to talk to a peer is enough for them. Unfortunately, some people don’t have friendships outside of their classes and have no one to communicate with. Many kids haven’t had much contact with others, outside of those that they live with. There isn’t a whole lot they can do, and without a best friend, or even internet friends, people like these have had very little interaction. Virtual learning has made getting to know classmates very difficult.

“I do really miss talking to people, and being near them, but I also understand it’s for our safety. I would love for things to go back to normal. I might be doing well, but I know others aren’t,” said junior, Yakabi Jackson.

After all is said and done, people need social interaction with others. It is something students naturally crave and need. Unfortunately, CCSD students can’t magically fix the current situation, but students can try to make it easier for people who are struggling. The beginning of the school year has been rough, and the hope is that everything gets better soon.  Despite how frustrating things are now, they will get better.