Soccer: Winter Market


Tommaso Vescovo, Journalist

Every summer and winter, the soccer transfer market is opened, where all of the teams in the world can spend money to buy, sell, take or send players on loan. The summer market is the one where the most movements usually take place, and where the best players tend to move. The winter transfer market is usually reserved for minor shots, because this is during the season and no team wants to deprive themselves of their best players. This was mainly invented for teams that are not doing well in their competitions, so that franchises can buy or borrow a few players to achieve better goals.

“I am an Inter fan, I sincerely hope that my team has money to invest in this transfer session, because I have seen that there will be many opportunities,” said Cristian Giovenzana, senior. “My team is playing really well this year, but there are some players that I don’t like because I don’t think they are suitable for my team, and they are not giving their best, so I hope we can sell them.”

It’s not as easy as it seems, obviously the best teams think that they can always spend a lot more than anyone else, and even if they have a poor season, they can revolutionize the whole team to start over, but that’s not the case. Every team in the world has to respect a rule called financial fairplay, which says that no team can spend more than they have earned: the teams can earn in different ways, such as ticket sales, the sale of t-shirts or gadgets, sponsorships, the results in the various competitions and the sale of players.

A team can participate in 5 competitions during a season, with the goal being the championship game of the country.  Each country also usually has other cups that teams can participate in based on their position in the championship standings from the previous year. There are then European competitions, the most popular of which are the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League.

My team is playing very badly, we absolutely have to buy some new players”

— Alexander Robles

In each tournament, the more games a team wins, the further the ream goes and the more money that team will earn which they can then invest in subsequent markets; an example can be the victory of the Champions League final, which has a value of about 80 million dollars, this is the highest paid competition, but also the most difficult to enter. This game determines the strongest team in the world.