Cruising to the Portables


Photo Courtesy of: Google Images

A machine that would get you soaring through the skies in a matter of seconds.

Aron Bihasa, Journalist

Students at SRHS only have 4 minutes to get to their classes during the passing period and a lot of students currently have classes in the portables, which are a pretty far walk from the main building, especially if a student needs to get to the 800 or 900 hallways. What makes it worse is that people sometimes walk really slowly and make the people who are in a rush have to walk slowly too.  Students of Shadow Ridge need scooters, Segways, or any other type of mobile transportation.

Junior, Reese Stephens agrees that getting to the portables is tough due to the limited time students have to get to classes. She believes that she can barely get to class in time unless she always makes a run for it. 

Mopeds would be an awesome thing to have to get to the portables, we would have a little parking lot near the portables to leave them when we get to class.”

— Samantha Moss

“Imagine having jetpacks, jetpacks would be such a silly thing to have to get to the portables but it would be a really quick method to get there,” Stephens said. 

Jetpacks would be a pretty weird thing to have to get to the portables, but it would be a really quick method and probably fun to use to get to the portables. Having other methods like possibly a train station would be nice.

“I also think maybe carts would be beneficial to some people but honestly having an extension on time would be very helpful,” Stephens said.

The students of Shadow Ridge could get an extension but, having cool vehicles to get to the portables would be stylish and fun instead of walking. With the new tardy policy at Shadow Ridge, getting to class late 3 times gets people instantly RPC’d, so these vehicles would be a most definite need in getting to where everyone needs to get to quicker.

Top speed of a Segway is 12.5 miles per hour. (Photo Courtesy of: Google Images)

Junior Samantha Moss also has a class in the portables. She usually has to make a run for it when she wants to get to class on time. She has to run to two classes because once she is in the portables, she also has to run to the main building to get to her other classes.

“I hate having to run to my classes because it can be tiresome and having any sort of way to get to class quicker would be lovely,” Moss said. “Scooters or Segways perhaps, would be a really cool thing for only the higher grade students to have so we can flex on the lower grades with our whip.”

Some people believe that only the upperclassmen at Shadow Ridge should have some sort of vehicle that allows them to get from the main building to the portables quicker. These vehicles in schools would change the world.