December Horoscopes

Camryn Watkins, Entertainment Editor

Aries: With so many new shows and movies now out, why not indulge in them? Nothing is better than curling up and enjoying some free time.

Taurus: You’re almost to the end! With finals and Winter Break just around the corner, it’s no time to slack off. Good luck and make sure you count down.

Gemini: Since things are slowing down, why not relax a bit? It’s been a long year of working hard, time to start winding down.

Cancer: With the colder weather, now is a perfect time to start bundling up. Hoodies, blankets, sweaters- you name it, now is a great time for them.

Leo: Maybe take a day for yourself this month, you deserve it! Go ahead and pamper yourself, do whatever you want and enjoy yourself!

Virgo: Now is the best time to start picking up some new hobbies! With everything slowly slowing down, why not start? No harm in trying something new!

Libra: Even though it has been very stressful, look how far you’ve made it! Just a little bit longer and then you can take a very well deserved break.

Scorpio: Don’t forget to spend some time with the people close to you, spending time by yourself might be fun, but you do not have to all the time. People love you and want to be with you!

Sagittarius: Even if others keep saying they aren’t, the things you like are perfectly fine! Have fun, live your life, and at the end of the day you are in charge of you!

Capricorn: It’s okay to mess up, it happens to everyone from time to time. The best you can do now is pick yourself up and try again. There’s no shame in having to try again.

Aquarius: It might seem tempting to stop caring now, but you’re so close to the end! Push through and keep doing your best, and pretty soon you’ll be rewarded.

Pisces: Spend some time and money on yourself! Buy the thing that you think you don’t deserve, eat at your favorite restaurant, and do whatever it is that makes you happy.