The Chosen Ones of Donations


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Donors Choose is a website that wishes to help make learning easier.

Aron Bihasa, Journalist

Some of the classes in Shadow Ridge High School have been donated money by people to support the classroom and give them the chance to use that money to buy supplies and/or better tools. Many classes at SRHS needed the money to provide a better learning experience for the students, so the chance to get donated money to help them for free is a pretty important event. Art teacher, Andrea Brackney’s class has been chosen as one of the classes to be donated money. 

“In total I have received over $8,000 in free credits from Donors Choose and helped teachers all over our district get funded,” Brackney said.

With the total money donated to Brackney’s class, she decided to also help out her fellow teachers with getting funded and decided to share some of the money she has been given. With most of the money she got, she decided to get 2 slab rollers, new kiln shelves and kiln posts, new rolling wire carts for loading and unloading the kiln, a new laptop for their 3D printer and cricut cutter, clay extruder, and she is currently working on a project that will bring more supplies to their room. Brackney is excited to help teachers get the money they are entitled to by the state from the Covid funding. The supplies she bought will definitely help her art class. 

“Arts are severely underfunded by our district,” Brackney said.  “It  is amazing that I have been able to upgrade most of our equipment for free.”

Affording money for supplies like chromebooks is really expensive for schools. (Photo Courtesy of: Google Images)

Donors Choose has been really effective in helping out Brackney, as she stated that arts are severely underfunded by the district. With the money she has been given, she gets better supplies to provide students with a more cleanliness or professional way of doing art.

Without a doubt, I am grateful for what I have been given.”

— Andrea Brackney

Counselor Karissa Guthrie is one of the counselors of Shadow Ridge High School and purchased supplies worth $600 thanks to Donors Choose. With the money Guthrie received, she used her money to purchase items that would help her provide the best counseling and make her room more comfortable for the people who come for counseling.

“Having this money to purchase things that I wouldn’t have been able to purchase has been a really great opportunity for me to create something special for my students,” Guthrie said.

The people who received money because of Donors Choose in Shadow Ridge High School are really grateful for all the money they was donated. They were able to use the money to make school a better learning experience for kids or a more comfortable place in general.