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Thanksgiving is celebrated on the last Thursday of November

Aron Bihasa, Journalist

In America, people celebrate Thanksgiving by eating a bunch of food with families or friends. The main dish being eaten during Thanksgiving is turkey, but that may not be the same for people who don’t live in America. There are many other traditions that are celebrated outside of America.

Senior, Victoria Castilho is one of the foreign students who just moved to America. Castilho came to America from Brazil on August 2nd, 2021 and is staying here for only a year. In Brazil, Castilho stated that the most traditional Brazilian holiday is Carnaval. It is about 4 to 7 days in length and the most amazing time of the year for them.

Festa Junina is a Catholic tradition that was introduced to Brazil during the country’s colonisation by Portugal from 1500 to 1822 (Photo Courtesy of: Google Images)

“Everyone gets out to party in the streets and the songs are always awesome and it happens in February,” Castilho said.

Another important tradition they do is called Festa Junina (The June Party). It is celebrated in the entire month of June.

Castilho said, “Festa Junina is where we celebrate the rural side of our culture. There’s a lot of traditional dances and special celebrations dedicated to that holiday.”

She also knew that Americans eat turkey and have dinner with family and friends before she moved to America. The only remotely close movie that made her excited for Thanksgiving was The Addams Family 2. She doesn’t believe that it was the best Thanksgiving representation out there, but it is the only thing she thinks is close to making her excited for it.

Senior, Maria Synnes is also a foreign exchange student who came from Norway July 26th, 2021. In Norway, most of the holidays Americans celebrate are also celebrated in Norway. One thing that only they celebrate that Americans don’t is the 17th of May which is their constitution day.

I’m really excited to experience Thanksgiving first hand and see it by myself.”

— Victoria Castilho

“On the 17th, mai kids will participate in a big parade where they sing and wave Norwegian flags,” Synnes said. “After the parade there are often events with lots of fun games for kids. There is also a rule that you can eat as much ice cream as you want on that day.”

People in Norway also have some special days around Christmas. Synnes thinks Americans eat turkey and say what they were thankful for on Thanksgiving. She couldn’t really think of a specific movie that made her excited for Thanksgiving, but she did see Thanksgiving being celebrated in shows she watched growing up.