Wrestling With a Small Change


Photo Courtesy of Melissa Small

Small celebrates her second victory in boxing!

Arionna Holmes, Journalist

If you ever decide to do wrestling, a combat sport, or even any sport, have confidence in what you’re doing and take pride in it. You are doing what you love to do so embrace it!!”

— Melissa Small

By far, wrestling is one of the more well known sports when it comes to mixed martial arts. It is seen advertised on TV and even in school. Shadow Ridge has its very own wrestling team and freshman, Melissa Small, is a new edition to the team as well as the school.

Small explains that she has been wrestling for almost 2 months now and what practices consist of.

“The practices are somewhat difficult, but once you calm down and focus you’ll understand the moves a lot better and be able to complete the instructions. The workouts consist of cardio and body strength. We usually train our bodies in the beginning of practice, then continue working on our wrestling.”

Her inspiration for the sport comes from her dreams for her future.

 “I see my team like family. Yes, we are new and don’t know each other well yet, but I love them all like brothers and sisters.”

Melissa Small, freshman
Photo Courtesy of Melissa Small

With everything that has happened in the last 2 years, many have found it hard to balance out the things that they love. Small states that it is not a difficult task and that she is balancing her schoolwork and athletics well. 

Like a lot of athletes, Small says that at times she can get upset with herself. “Well, I hold myself to high standards so if I mess up one small thing, I automatically get very upset with myself and try to do better. I wouldn’t call myself a good wrestler, but an improving wrestler.”

Small wishes that for this 2021-2022 season her wrestling team is able to win state. 

Sportsmanship comes with the territory of sports. Some do not take defeat well and others embrace defeat. Small explains that while she does not like the feeling of defeat, she accepts it and uses it as motivation to do better with her next match. 

Small is one of the many students at Shadow Ridge High School. While she is still adjusting to this new way of living she still finds time to do what she loves. She hopes to one day become a great wrestler.