Halloween Scream Carnival


Charlotte Larason, Journalist

Shadow Ridge performing arts presents its 1st annual Halloween Carnival! It is taking place on Thursday October 28th starting at 5pm and going until 9. There will be food, games, and prizes. There will be game booths being run by all of the performing arts classes and a face painting station. The dance team will also be performing 3 songs at the carnival. The main attraction though is the haunted house! There are 4 different rooms in the haunted house and people will be able to walk through all of them. Every room has a different theme, Summer Camp, Zombie Apocalypse, Paranormal Activity, and Asylum Clown Breakthrough. 

Every room in the haunted house has a backstory that goes with their theme. The summer camp room centers around a group of teenagers trying to escape a crazed killer. The apocalypse focuses a disease that has broken out and is causing people to turn into zombies. The Paranormal Activity is a haunted church filled with ghosts and demons and the asylum is a group of crazed clowns that have broken into an insane asylum and have taken all of the patients hostage.

Erlenbusch in full haunted house makeup (Photo Courtesy of: Taylor Erlenbusch)

Each room is  being run by a theatre council member. The Asylum room is being run by Senior, Izzy Padilla, the Theatre Council Treasurer.

Padilla says, “People should expect to be super scared and terrified.”

The haunted house will take place in the theatre and room 404 (the room in front of the theatre). There will be 2 haunted rooms in each of the rooms. Taylor Erlenbusch, senior, will be acting in the Asylum room.

The carnival is open to all Shadow Ridge students and staff as well as the community. Students from other schools will need an adult to enter. General Admission to the carnival is $5 and includes 10 tickets. Additional tickets will be 1 for $1 or 15 for $10. There will be a few food truck options as well. Auntie Anne’s Pretzels will be there, along with a taco truck and a dessert truck. Cash will be needed for the food trucks. There will also be snacks and drinks available for purchase with cash as well. 

The proceeds from the carnival will go into the performing arts programs here at Shadow. The money that theatre makes will go into funding for the upcoming musical, The Wizard of Oz, which will open in February. 

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