Socks and ‘Stocks: A Fashion Debate


Photo Courtesy of: Wyatt Noya

Wyatt Noya’s socks n sandals look

Cass Soldate, Journalist

The comfortable style of wearing either slides or crocs with socks, popularly known as “socks and sandals,” has resurfaced to society’s fashion eyes once more and mainly because of the worldwide COVID-19 quarantine. From fashion magazines to students in school, the old socks and sandals fashion hit can be found again today. However, the debate between whether socks and sandals are a hit has been going on for decades. Now is the time to settle it. Is wearing socks and sandals ever appropriate?

Vogue’s magazines and runways have been promoting socks and sandals in a positive light since the 20th century. But the style originated back in the early developments of Rome and the UK 2,000 years ago. Without the early comfort of the Romans, people would not have what is known today as “socks and sandals.” Vogue’s article goes on to mention the best combination of brands of socks and brands of sandals. A frequent pair of sandals they recommend seem to be Birkenstock and wedge sandals.

Socks and sandals are for dads.”

— sophomore Daniel Miralles

Another term for this fashion can be “normcore,” another “cool dad” look that originally got popular in 2014. The look is usually fitted with khakis or mom jeans but is now commonly paired with sweats or shorts, another look developed during quarantine. The cool dad look has been (for the most part) renamed and normalized throughout the years leading to 2021.

“I love socks and sandals ’cause of their feet,” sophomore Ashton Reed states.

In professional settings, socks and sandals are discouraged in modern regions other than China and India. Socks and sandals aren’t the only no-go fashion setting in professional environments, but even sandals themselves or anything open-toed is discouraged. However, during quarantine, the joke “suit with pajama pants” – in the aspect a video call only shows a person’s upper half – has normalized the comfortability of socks and sandals. Not having to worry about skin rubbing on the sandal or being insecure about nail polish, socks and sandals have helped with both. But should the trend be used in public settings?

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“During and post-COVID, this understated, post-“coolness” aesthetic makes even more sense. One of the important lessons of 2020 was that coolness is absolutely a construct, and when it comes down to it, being comfortable can be more integral to personal happiness than being able to flex some stiff, ill-fitting jacket that costs half your paycheck and hours of your day to acquire at a sample sale,” reads Hillary Pollack’s article, Wearing Socks With Sandals Is Officially Cool Forever.


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