Peterson’s Pantry

Charlotte Larason, Journalist

Peterson’s Pantry is a local, family owned, vegan meal prep and catering service, run by Stephanie and Jaxon Peterson. The way it works is the customer goes to their website, picks out the food they want, and then they will cook everything and deliver it all to the customers doorstep. Peterson’s Pantry is well known within the vegan community. 

Peterson’s Pantry officially opened on August 1st, 2019. “My best friend Amber is vegan and I wanted to make her yummy food when she would come over  and she loved everything we made… then we became vegan and I learned how to REALLY cook vegan food.” Stephanie Peterson. She goes on to say, “It was when we had people who weren’t even vegan asking me to cook my vegan food for them that I thought, “Hey, maybe I can do this for a living.”

Every bit of this is hard work but I love it all.”

— Stephanie Peterson

At first, the Peterson’s started with just one weekly customer, they now average hundreds of customers who order regularly throughout the month and around 15-20 who order every single week like clock-work. Peterson’s Pantry  is completely customizable, they take any and all requests for any food.  They also cater food and desserts for parties, weddings, graduations, etc.

One of the Peterson’s specialties are cakes. They can make any cake for any occasion and they cater to any allergies and special requests.

The Peterson’s are a close knit family. They have 3 kids, 2 of which attend Shadow Ridge High School. Mr. Peterson says, “My favorite part is working every day next to my best friend while building a future for our kids.”

In regards to the future of Peterson’s Pantry, “My hopes for the immediate future would be getting an investor so that we can open a store front café! Long term, we’d like to make Peterson’s Pantry into a nonprofit organization that specializes in feeding the less fortunate, and also employing them and helping them rehabilitate their lives.” Mrs. Peterson stated.

The Peterson’s put their hearts and souls into their business and they work extremely hard to run it. It is hard work, but this is what they love to do. People who are interested in ordering from Peterson’s Pantry can click here.