“Fangs” for the Memories


Photo Courtesy of: mvcornmaze.com

Actors who love to scare people.

Diego Faulkner, Journalist

Every year Moapa Valley has a haunted corn maze that a lot of people visit.  The owners of the farm decorate it with Halloween decorations and people hide in the corn maze at night to scare people. Moapa is about an hour drive from Vegas depending on where a person lives in the valley.

Many people go and volunteer at the corn maze to dress up and scare people as best as they can.

Sophomore, Kela Cox said, “It was one of the scariest nights of my life, a guy chased me with a chainsaw and I fell into a ditch. It was dark outside and I couldn’t see a thing and ended up in a corner and the guy with the chainsaw was walking towards me and had a creepy laugh so I was literally terrified.”

A good look at the maze of that year. Photo Courtesy of: mvcornmaze on Facebook

If students are looking to celebrate Halloween and get terrified in the process, the corn maze is a great place to go with a group of freinds.

“I accidentally punched the actor and ran as fast as could just so I could get away from him. When I was running away from this crazy guy I accidentally dropped my glow stick and I couldn’t go back and get it because I was terrified and all of my friends were just running and I didn’t want to get left behind,” stated Cox.

There isn’t just a corn maze there. The property has fun activities to do as well just in case a person isn’t in the mood to get scared. The activities consist of carnival rides, a hay ride, and zombie paintball, but most people do go for the haunted corn maze because it’s the best part about it.

The maze is just mostly a great spot for friends and family to hang out, because who doesn’t love Halloween everything about it?

It was dusty and dark with corn husks everywhere and just had a really spooky Halloween vibe.”

— Jadynce Kastner

James Hadley, a sophomore at Shadow Ridge High School said, “It’s a great place to hang out with your entire family. There are so many activities both for the kids and adults, a night maze for the haunted house addict and a day maze for the ones who are too scared of the dark. The night maze is well lit and the ambience of a real grown corn field and dirt paths will be the scariest experience.”

The entire family can go and enjoy the festivities and when people are tired of all the excitement, there are plenty of food vendors and items for sale to look through. Customers can even get semipermanent tatoos to remember their experience. Tickets range from $21 for a daytime pass to $64 which includes: 1 General admission ticket, 1 zombie paintball admission, 1 haunted hayride, 1 haunted maze, 1 haunted barn, and 2 shots at the corn cannon. People can also rent fire pits at night but the venue is limited to 14 slots per day so it’s important to book early.

“There are dead ends and incorrect paths. We were really concerned if the monsters would jump out and scare us, so we were a little on edge. The actors did a really great job at really scaring as many people as they could. We were able to do one extra time for the same cost. There were plenty of activities for us kids. Me and my friends literally just had the best time last year when we went,” stated Hadley.