Taking a Snap In Photography!


Photo Courtesy of: Aldrin Bautista

Photography Class located in room 315

Aron Bihasa, Journalist

Photography, a class offered by Shadow Ridge High School at the moment, is a class about learning how to take better pictures. Why would people want to take this class? Students may enjoy learning how to use a beautiful landscape as a background while taking a picture in front of it to increase the awesomeness in a photo. People who love to take pictures all the time, should definitely take photography for a spin. The teachers who are currently teaching the class are Mr. McConnell and Mr. Counts.

Photography is a really enjoyable class and I am enjoying my time taking pictures and learning about how to take higher quality pictures.”

— Aldrin Bautista

Freshman, Lorena Chacon is currently taking photography and believes that the class is fun when they are taking pictures and just talking about photography with friends. In photography, they learn how to take pictures and learn more about how cameras work and how to use them more effectively. Chacon wanted to try photography class because she wanted to try something new and decided that she wanted to increase her skills in taking pictures.

Mr. McConnell, one of the current teachers of photography. (Photo Courtesy of: Lorena Chacon)

“I would recommend this class to people who are interested in learning more about cameras and want to be more professional when it comes to taking pictures,” Chacon said. “The class is pretty chill and we usually go outside to take pictures to show our teacher how much we have improved in taking pictures.”

Freshman, Aldrin Bautista is also taking part in photography. What Bautista finds enjoyable about photography class is being able to go out and admire nature’s beauty. He decided to take the class because he thought the class would be easy to learn and fun, but hard to master.

“We have multiple things that we learn in class such as angles, perfect timing shots, lighting, background problems, and editing the photos,” Bautista said. “I would recommend it to almost anyone, especially for the people who like to be good at taking pictures or are just interested in learning more about how cameras work and the best way to use them.”

Bautista also says that what they learn in photography is exactly what he wanted to learn more about, like how to take good photos using the landscape to his advantage, when he would want to take the photo, and many more things. This class is recommended to people who are willing to learn more about taking pictures or are planning to take jobs in the future that involve taking a lot of pictures.