Penguins from Outer Space


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Penguins in the Arctic

Charlotte Larason, Journalist

Scientists now believe that penguins could be aliens after finding traces of a chemical only found on Venus in their feces. 

In an article by Dave Basner, it says, “The experts learned that in the penguin’s poop are traces of a chemical called phosphine. That seems like no big deal, except that the only other place where phosphine exists is 38 million miles away, in the atmosphere of the planet Venus.”

Dr. Dave Clements, one of the researchers stated, “We’ve reprocessed the data and we’re pretty convinced that the phosphine finding is real.” 

Photo Courtesy of: Google Images

In September of 2020, researchers found the chemical phosphine in the clouds of  Venus. Due to finding this chemical, Venus was added to the list of possible habitable planets in the solar system. Phosphine doesn’t have a color, it is flammable and it is a very toxic gas. In its purest form, this chemical is odorless, but in some technical samples, it smells like rotting fish.

Now, about a year later, this chemical has been found in penguins. Scientists are struggling to explain how this chemical was found on Earth since Venus is 38 million  miles away. 

According to The Daily Star, scientists now plan to study Gentoo penguins in the Falkland Islands to see how they are producing this chemical.

“We don’t know what’s making it… It’s very hard to measure and study because if you let oxygen in, it destroys it,” says Dr. Dave Clements. 

Astra Rodgers, senior says, “I feel it is an interesting take on that, but in reality they could have just evolved in a way that caused them to have this chemical… though it would be a cool thought if they were aliens, especially considering penguins are some of my favorite animals, this is awesome that they might be aliens.” 

Some people are a little less optimistic though,”They (penguins) live on Earth, so they aren’t aliens,” says Luciano Moreno, junior.

Penguins are very interesting birds. They have wings, but they can’t fly, the father is the one who hatches the eggs while the mother goes out for food and they are excellent swimmers. These special birds can do what most other birds could never. Who’s to say that penguins aren’t aliens?

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