Orchestra’s Terrifying Spooktacular


Photo Courtesy of: Camryn Watkins

Mr. Richards helps students get ready for the Orchesta concert on Tuesday October 5th.

Camryn Watkins, Entertainment Editor

On Tuesday, October 5th, Shadow Ridge’s own orchestra will be hosting their ‘Spooktacular,’ a concert in which students can put on their costumes and play songs to get the audience into a truly spooky mood. The concert will be at 7pm in the Kaleidoscope Theater, where everyone is invited to come watch and see their friends and students play.

“It’s been really fun, preparing for this. It’s really nice to be able to play with everyone again,” said Senior Miah Wright, a member of the chamber orchestra ending his fourth year with the group.

It’s been really fun, preparing for this. It’s really nice to be able to play with everyone again”

— Miah Wright

For orchestra students, learning a new song is always a task, and with it being the first year back in person, and for some students their first time playing since that shut down, there are added difficulties. Despite all that, students were able to not only learn several pieces, but also have them performance ready in such a short amount of time. What makes this even more impressive is the length of current classes, with less than an hour for students to practice during school time.

From the highest level of orchestra, the chamber group, they are going to be bringing out four songs. All four have been rehearsed several times by the group, each student working hard in order to fill their role. Some of their songs include Evil Eye and the Hideous Heart and Incantations, each song offering its own unique playstyle and challenges. Despite that, no matter the tempo of the song or the rhythm students must keep, all of them have come together to learn them in time.

Senior, Jordan Go, tunes the cello in preparation for the Orchestra Spooktacular. (Photo Courtesy of: Camryn Watkins)

“I love it, the songs we have this year are great and really get me excited,” added senior Mason Mohlman, another member of the Chamber group. “They’re fun, they’re spooky, it’s really exactly what I’ve missed.”

With students having been online for a year, it’s safe to say that several students did not touch their instruments for well over a year. Though it may not be true for everyone, it is still worth some praise to have these groups be concert ready in such a short amount of time. The songs are sure to be exciting and Shadow Ridge’s Spooktacular is sure to please.