Hollow Knight


Photo Courtesy of: Google Images

A difficult game that requires dedication to pushing through.

Aron Bihasa, Journalist

Hollow Knight is a game developed by Team Cherry and was published on February 24, 2017. The game is one of most beloved games to be released and still lives up to its name. Hollow Knight is a metroidvania type of game featuring simple controls and game play, yet hard to master and difficulty spiking game play. It is an E rated video game, so it should be available for anyone to play if they crave a good challenge.

Junior, R’reanna Williams has experienced the game and found it quite challenging and fun to go through. Williams decided to buy the game because she used to be in a coding class in school and they were talking about video game level designs. They showed Hollow Knight, and when she saw the game she was engrossed with the art style and the design layers laid on top of each other to create the environment of Hollow Nest. She started playing the game on her PlayStation 4 on January 16, 2021. Williams is still yet to beat the game due to the challenging course she is currently on that involves platforming and precise jumping.

Wiliams has over 60 hours into the game. (Photo Courtesy of: R’reanna Williams)

“The story of the game is so depressing. I can’t say much to avoid spoilers but just know that the game has a lot of dark moments and when you try to get into the lore, you will find the story to be quite gloomy and dark,” Williams said. 

The game may be rated E for the audience, but the game has a really dark and sad tone to it. Younger players, typically, don’t understand the dark undertones of the game. The only way to get a better gist of the story is by talking to the people of Hollow Nest and deciphering what is happening. Not talking to the people is very avoidable so the story isn’t necessary to enjoy the game but people who like a good lore can dig deeper to get a better understanding.

Senior, Cody Nay also had his hands on this game with similar reactions to what Williams had to say about the game. He got his hands on this game because his friend recommended it to him knowing that Nay loved playing the Dark Souls series and wanted to see if he could take on the challenging game with a change of pace and game play. Nay believes that the 2 dimensional perspective was a bit troublesome for him because he never played many platforming games but still found it fun to overcome. 

This game left me upset when I was struggling on a boss, but once I defeated it, it left me with an accomplished feeling and I was very happy to overcome the boss.”

— R'reanna Williams

“The 2 dimensional perspective was pretty challenging to dive into. I haven’t played many platforming types of games and having to try to do platforming in this game can be tough at times,” Nay said. “The bosses are still really fun to dive into and learning their movement patterns can be challenging. You can easily get punished and have to think about when you would want to heal up in the middle of battle.

Overall, the game is easily recommended towards players who like to challenge themselves and see if they can keep up with what Hollow Knight has to offer. The game’s art is really eye-catching with it’s hand drawn animations, and the developers plan on releasing another game quite soon.