Run Rylan, Run!


Photo Courtesy of: Rylan Coache's Mom

Rylan Coache after a half marathon

Tommaso Vescovo, Journalist

Rylan Coache, junior, is a Shadow Ridge runner on the cross country team. He has been on the team since his freshman year, and he has always liked to run even since he was a child.

“My mother, when I was small, always had to stop me, because I never stopped running around the house,” states Coache

Coache started running for the team druing his freshman year because he had a few friends who had decided to join the team, and he wanted to try something new, especially a sport in a high school, so he could be more involved in school activities, to meet new people and make new friends.

Half marathon in Las Vegas (Photo Courtesy of: Rylan Coache’s Mom)

Every time he runs, Coache is always surprised by how his mindset shifts, he no longer thinks about negative things that might have happened, but is completely focused on just having fun with his friends during training and, most of the time, he sets himself small goals.

“I think that creating goals in my mind is motivating, and pushes me to do better and better, even if they are simple goals. For example, I have to reach that tree in this amount of time, or, I have to finish the workout being less sweaty than my friend,” quotes Coache.

Cross country trainings are very hard and tiring, although Coache is sure that any practice of any other sport is just as hard, they start with a normal warm-up, and then have to run 6 miles every day. It takes a lot of training, resistance and self-discipline, but according to Coache it is worth it, because they also have fun during them.

Colache’s next run will be October 9th, and he’s really happy to be able to test himself after the bad injury he had months earlier. Thinking about the races makes him remember with pleasure how he managed to run the half marathon in less than 2 hours. He considers this to be one of his greatest achievements since he started running, and it is also the one he is most proud of.

Colache has never thought about quitting running, although there are other sports he feels he’s quite good at, but these have never piqued his interest, and none have ever entertained him as much as cross-country running.

I feel like I have a perfect life while running, and all the problems have disappeared”

— Rylan Colache

Cross country race (Photo Courtesy of: Ryan Coache’s Mom)