Drama Club is Back!!


Photo Courtesy of: Charlotte Larason

2021-2022 Drama Club students pose for a photo.

Charlotte Larason, Journalist

After a full school year of completing Drama Club online, they have made a swift comeback. The students are excited to be back and are looking forward to the future of the Drama Club this year. It was difficult for Drama Club to keep going through the pandemic, but they managed to still have  amazing Drama Club meetings every other week during online school. 

I want drama club to be a safe place for students and somewhere for them to be themselves.”

— Ruby Cervantes

My hopes this year for Drama Club would be to make up for lost time over the last year and a half,” Ruby Cervantes, senior, said. “For me personally, transitioning from online to in person has been a little difficult thinking of things that we can do that are Covid safe.”

Drama Club is doing really well with participation; they have averaged around 30-40 kids every meeting. They meet every other Wednesday in the theatre, but have been meeting in the band room recently due to Alice in Wonderland rehearsals, which will open in November.

With the new school year, a lot of new students have joined Drama Club.

Tyler Gaede, freshman says, “My favorite things about Drama Club are the new environment and the welcoming people. There are a lot of new interesting things here that aren’t in middle school.” He continues, “I decided to join Drama Club because I did Drama Club all through middle school and I loved it, it was a fun experience… coming into high school I wanted to join and it’s like a new type of art, I like performing and I really enjoy it.”

Along with new members, Drama Club also has some returning members like junior, Summer Conboy.

“Drama Club feels like a second family and it has always felt like a safe place for me.” Conboy stated. Conboy has been participating in Drama Club since they were a freshman and is so excited to be continuing it this year.  “I like the activities and all the fun I have and also the fact that I can just be myself.” 

Shadow Ridge theatre Instagram account. (Photo Courtesy of: Shadow Ridge Theatre )

The Shadow Ridge theatre also has an Instagram account where they keep everyone updated on all things theatre around the Ridge.

The thespian council plans and runs the Drama Club. They meet every other week to plan upcoming events. Cervantes is the President of the Council.

She says, “One of my favorite things about planning and running Drama Club is seeing the idea of a game come to life and see people actually playing and enjoying it.”

Drama Club has been playing a number of fun and different games this year including, Park Bench, Ships and Sailors, Charades, and The Prop Game. The students are really enjoying Drama Club and are especially excited about being back in person.