Future Pastry Chef of 2024


Photo Courtesy of Emma Clement

Emma Clement encouraging others to cook

Cass Soldate, Journalist

Emma Clement, a sophomore at Shadow Ridge High School, is currently in her second year of the culinary elective at Shadow Ridge. Her overall goal in her culinary class is to proceed with a career in culinary arts, specifically pastry making, and eventually owning her own brand of pastries worldwide. Clement has since then undoubtedly become very experienced in not just cooking but baking as well, stating a favorite dish of hers is currently mini wonton quiches.

Culinary programs that Clement has considered are nothing more than the top 13 of the world. However, a lot are out of the country. The top 2 in the United States resides Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts and Culinary Institute of America. Clement chose these colleges in particular not only because of their popularity but the history of these schools.

Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts (Photo Courtesy of: Google Images)

Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts resides in Boulder, Colorado and Austin, Texas – and is titled after the world-famous chef Auguste Escoffier while Culinary Institute of America is in New York, Texas, and California. Both schools remain in the top 5 best culinary schools of America to this day. From 2018-19, the graduation rate for Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts has been 100%. On the other hand, Culinary Institute of America’s graduation rate is 74% but still relatively high.

“I started cooking with no experience or anyone to help me, but by practicing and cooking often, it became easier and more fun for me,” Clement states.

Cooking is my passion.”

— Emma Clement

Clement has been seriously cooking since the age of 12, learning early from personal experience rather than from a teacher. Now, Clement is taking culinary courses and planning to continue them throughout high school and eventually full-time.

Red velvet cupcake (Photo Courtesy of: Google Images)

Other plates Clement has made include eggs benedict, Rueben sandwiches, and red velvet cupcakes. All of which she has made in Shadow Ridge’s culinary program. Not only this, but Clement has pronounced her favorite thing in culinary to do rather than cook is eat. Her least favorite thing is, of course, doing the dishes.

In addition to participating Culinary II, Clement has French II, English 10 Honors, Chemistry Honors, AP World History, and Precalculus AB Honors. Clement uses that little time in culinary to therapeutically cook experimental and universal dishes.

“Cooking brings me joy and is a great stress reliever,” Clement states.

Cooking has everything to do with our everyday senses. The smell of a freshly made batch of brownies, the taste of spices in the air while it bakes, even the feel of fluffy dough; everything is involved with senses. A chef who allows him/herself to submerge him/herself in these senses can be an ultimate therapeutic experience for anyone under stress.