It Takes Two

Aron Bihasa, Journalism

It Takes Two is a T rated video game developed by Hazelight/Hazelight Studios and published by Electronic Arts on March 26, 2016. It is one of those rare games that is actually a story and is playable with a friend online or through couch co-op. Most multiplayer games are usually competitive player vs player games which can lead to a lot of frustration towards people who aren’t decent in the game like many others.

The game was not very complicated, in fact it was a very relaxing experience not forcing players to put too much thought into what they have to do, but it does require teamwork making the players work together to figure out the mechanics.”

— Javier Alonso

Junior, Javier Alonso found the game to be very enjoyable to experience on his PlayStation 4. Alonso started playing It Takes Two on May 9th, 2021. Alonso decided to play the game because he was looking for a new story game, to build his relationship with his friend, and to take a break from all of the competitive games that he’s played.

“What made the game fun was the amount of creativity put into the many levels and courses, what I think was the best part of the game was the fact that it was co-op, allowing me to play with another friend and have double the fun,” Alonso said. 

Junior, Vhea Velayo also played the game, she and her friend were playing the game just to chill out and have fun. She thinks that the game didn’t require too much skill too due to the fact that they have infinite lives. Even though it may sound as though the game does not require any skill at all, the game can be pretty challenging if the people do not play as a team and try to do stuff on their own.

“Though the story was fairly simple, it has a very interesting concept,” Velayo said. “The story is about a married couple who don’t feel as close to each other as they did before and were planning to file for divorce. Their daughter was very upset about them fighting each other, so she bought a book that was told would repair broken relationships. After wishing that her parents would stop fighting, her parents were turned into a wooden and clay doll. They had a book that would tell them to do specific things to finish the levels and the book would slowly try to repair their relationship with the teamwork they go through.”

Photo Courtesy of: Javier Alonso

The story is pretty simple but can still be more enjoyable than a game with a flat story. It focuses more on the game play and level designs to keep the players more interested in the game play. The overall game is recommended for players who aren’t into competitive games and just want a laid back story to play with a friend.