Valdez Makes the Save


Photo Courtesy of: Ivy Roman

Shadow’s game against Faith Lutheran. Shadow Ridge won 1-0

Tommaso Vescovo, Journalist

Alexander Robles Valdez, senior, is Shadow Ridge’s goalkeeper for the Men’s Varsity Soccer Team. He is one of the most important players of the team, and left-back/goalkeeper for LVSA 04 Silver Soccer Club. Valdez started playing soccer at the age of 4 because he always found it amusing to kick a ball. He has always loved to see his idols on Juventus, the professional Italian team, and the Mexican National team perfect skills, have fun playing, and winning. From there his passion was born.

Photo Courtesy of: Ivy Roman

Valdez states, “My football idol is Paulo Dybala (striker of Juventus), I love the way he plays and every time he touches the ball, I get pumped, but my style of game is inspired by Memo Ochoa (Mexican goalkeeper).”

Valdez thinks that the team is a very good group of individuals, it’s like a second family to him, but he can still improve in technical skills and communication on the field. He is making an effort to talk more to his team on the field in order to alert them to any issues they may encounter. He is hoping that this will allow them to grow as a team.

Valdez thinks that the training the team does in practice is great and that each player is giving their best on the field, sacrificing for the team, and he is sure that this will lead to great results. He also gives thanks to a great coach who makes training fun, and who works hard to make the team improve.

The team has a pretty difficult season ahead, but everyone is confident that they can make it to the playoffs, and possibly finish the season with the state title. In his opinion there are no players more important than another, they are all important in the same way because it is the team that makes the difference, and not a single player.

Photo Courtesy of: Ivy Roman

To get to these results, a lot will have to be done, such as beating established teams like Arbor View.

Valdez states, “It won’t be easy to beat them because of the historical rivalry between these two teams, but we will do our best, and we will give our all.”

Valdez enjoys home games, especially when he sees a lot of students cheering. He loves that the team works together as a family, has fun, and ultimately ends up successful.