Genshin’s Impact on Players with the Inazuma Update


Olivia D. Watson, Journalist

On August 21st, 2021, the video game Genshin Impact by team Mihoyo released its 2.0 update worldwide for all servers to download. This long awaited update’s biggest feature was the new “Inazuma” map, modeled after Edo era Japan and a major area for plot progression in the story. The update itself has earned a lot of praise and hints the player to where the story will take players next.

I think the graphics and design of Inazuma were great because compared to Mondstadt or Liyue, I was shocked.”

— Sam Canaan

The 2.0 update was expected many months in advance by players, and its features didn’t disappoint. Not only do players get to experience a new map with multiple islands, players are introduced to new and complex characters who help build the story, new game systems, and events that keep the player busy even when they aren’t actively playing. The events included, but did not stop at: Thunder Sojourn, Theatre Mechanicus, Phantom Flow, Lost Riches, and Ley Line Overflow. Each event added more of an incentive to log into the game every day to claim prizes and participate in fun challenges.

The additions to the game don’t end there. There was also a new fishing system that, for many players, was long overdue. The system adds 20 new fish species for players to discover across 27 fishing spots. The player is introduced to the system by a quest given by the guild that introduces the “Fishing Association.” From there, players are given a fishing rod, bait, and instructions on how the system works and what the rewards are.

“I enjoyed the release of Inazuma. It gave the game, which at the time had very little end game, something that players could could do. This allowed for many additional hours of gameplay, adding fun new characters and lore,” veteran Genshin Impact player, junior Sam Canaan said.

Newly added character, Sangonomiya Kokomi, resting (Photo Courtesy Of: Olivia D. Watson)

Not only were players excited about the amount of content added, but many noticed the upgrade in graphics. Throughout the progression of the story, from the Mondstadt story quest line to the Liyue story, it’s noticeable how much Mihoyo continues to grow in terms of story telling elements and graphics. It’s no exaggeration to say that Mihoyo continues to put a lot of effort into their game, and will continue to do so in the future.

CSN senior art student, Gabrielle Watson, said “I would say the graphics definitely improved. The transition to Inazuma was interesting and unique, compared to the Mondstadt and Liyue transitions.”

View of Inazuma City and the Grand Narukami Shrine. (Photo Courtesy Of: Olivia D. Watson)

There is some criticism for Mihoyo that many choose to either agree or disagree on. During the Genshin Impact 2.1 livestream on YouTube, players got a sneak peak at how the story unfolds after the players were left on a cliffhanger at the end of the 2.0 story quest. However, many players thought this sneak peak into the story was too much of a spoiler and ruined the element of surprise that it would have had if it weren’t shown to begin with. However, there are still many people who don’t think too much of the story was spoiled and still enjoyed the game.

Canaan stated, “Personally I don’t really agree, they did spoil some things but left much to the unknown. This allowed many people to still have an enjoyable experience.”

There is one thing every player can agree with though, and it’s the fact that this June was a very exciting and highly anticipated month for all Genshin Impact players, whether they were new to the game or seasoned veterans who’ve been playing since the game first launched to the public. It’s only a matter of time before information about the 2.2 update is released and players will have something new to look forward to.